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Baltimore Beatdown's Best Month on Record

Thanks to the incredible boost in traffic most likely due to the Baltimore Ravens run into the NFL playoffs and their disappointing Divisional Round loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Beatdown enjoyed its best month ever in terms of visits and page views in January 2011. Total visits for the month at The Beatdown topped 124,000, while page views were just over 211,000, both easily the most in our history.

The previous best for our site was in September 2010, with 102,000 visits and 182,000 page views, while December 2010 had 81,000 visits and 138,000 page views.

Since Baltimore Beatdown's inception four years ago, we've had over 1,650,000 visits and just under 2,900,000 page views, although more than half of that total has come in the past year as SB Nation has exploded across the internet and the network has ramped up its popularity and visibility along with its legitimate reputation as the world's largest sports blog network with over 290 different sites.

Baltimore Beatdown now boasts over 3,100 members, who combined have posted over 1,480 stories and 1,580 FanPosts by members who just want an open forum to air their thoughts, opinions, frustrations and root for the home team Baltimore Ravens.

Thanks to all who continue to make Baltimore Beatdown a great place to visit and keep posting your thoughts and comments about all things Ravens. Also, follow us on Facebook (460 friends) and on Twitter (214 followers) as well.