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Ravens Harbaugh To Make Less Than Baby Brother

When the news that the Baltimore Ravens had re-signed head coach John Harbaugh to a new contract, the terms of the deal were not originally disclosed. Since then, the news is that the contract is for three years and $12 million, an average of $4 million per season. While that is an increase over his previous deal, it is relatively average in comparison to the rest of the head coaches in the NFL. John's $4 million per season puts him somewhere around 10th in the league, far behind Mike Shanahan's $6 million plus from the Washington Redskins and only second in the AFC North, behind the Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Tomlin, and rightly so. Tomlin, of course, has two Super Bowl appearances and one ring in his four year head-coaching career.

In fact, John isn't even the highest paid Harbaugh in the NFL. His brother, Jim, just signed this year to be the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, with a five-year, $25 million contract. Word is that Jim comes to the NFL with a better "resume" than his older brother. John's previous experience was as the Philadelphia Eagles Special Teams coach while Jim was not only the head coach of a very successful college program at the University of Stanford, but also played QB in the NFL.

I'm not too sure how that translates into a bigger NFL head coaching contract than a guy who has made the playoffs his first three years as a head coach, but something tells me there won't be any teasing allowed at the Harbaugh's family dinner table.