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Colts "Franchise" Manning

The Indianapolis Colts have said that they plan to make "Ravens-killer" Peyton Manning the NFL's highest paid player, but they didn't expect to have to do it this way. The team placed the Franchise Tag on Manning, already the game's highest paid QB, and hope to have another long-term deal signed before the start of the 2011 season, whenever that might be. His previous contract of almost $100 million, expires next month, but his Franchise Tag will give him a required 20% raise over that deal. In 2011, his salary will be just over $23 million, and while I'm sure both he and the team would prefer to have a long-term contract in place, it's good to know he will still be able to put food on his table for his family.

Get ready, Haloti Ngata, your payday is coming too!