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Redskins Trainwreck Rolls Onward

Before any fan of the Baltimore Ravens decides to complain about the team, take a gander to the south and check out the trainwreck that is the Washington Redskins. Just this week they have had two players appear in police blotters for embarrassing reasons. Embittered defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was just charged with assault for a road rage incident. Can you imagine honking your horn at a car and then seeing a massive angry guy like Haynesworth step out  of his ride to starting coming for you?

Earlier last week, wide receiver/kick returner Brandon Banks was stabbed in an altercation outside a nightclub in downtown DC. While Banks received stitches and was released shortly thereafter, his friend was also stabbed and was in critical condition after undergoing surgery.

Everyone knows the Ravens players are certainly not the poster child for perfect behavior, but they definitely look like angels compared to our neighbors down the Beltway!