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Terps at the Combine

The NFL Scouting Combine is held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from February 24thto March 1st. More than 300 top prospects have been invited to compete in Lucas Oil Stadium against their fellow peers, in drills, tests and weightlifting competition. They will be pinched, prodded and examined from head-to-toe, and then interviewed over and over. Some of them will see their draft stock skyrocket while others will plummet like a falling rock. Unknowns will become knowns and well knowns will disappoint. It always happens.

Although virtually every college team in the major conferences across the country will be represented, some will be more so than others. The Maryland Terrapins will only have three players at the NFL Combine this year. They are linebacker Adrian Moten, running back Da'RelScott and wide receiver Torrey Smith.

NFL Draft Scout ranks Da'Rel Scott (5'11", 205 pounds) as the 21st best running back in this draft class out of 208, and 239th overall out of 2,695 players evaluated. Adrian Moten is rated the 20th best outside linebacker out of 250 and 236th overall. They rate Torrey Smith  (6'1", 205 pounds) 3rd out of 362 wide receivers and the 33rd best prospect overall. Smith appears to be the best prospect out of the three Terps and is projected to go in the top two rounds, with  chance that he might be picked in the first round.

Click on the Maryland Terrapins link earlier in this story to see the list of all the Terps that are draft eligible.