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2,000 Super Bowl Attendees to Receive Refund or Free Tickets

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Commissioner Roger Goodell announced today that approximately 2,000 fans in the temporary seating sections at Super Bowl XLV will receive a choice of either a refund of the face-value amount of their ticket or a free ticket to a future Super Bowl game of their choice. These 2,000 fans were significantly delayed in gaining pre-game access to their seats due to the problems with the installation of some of the temporary seats at Cowboys Stadium.

(Click on the 'Jump' to read more and to see a link for an interview with the lawyer filing a Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of the displaced fans)

Once their Super Bowl XLV ticket is validated, these fans can choose to receive one of the following: 1) a refund of the face value of their ticket, OR 2) one free ticket to one Super Bowl game of their choice. Eligible fans, subject to appropriate review and verification, are those that held tickets in any of the following sections:

Sections 426A, 427A, 428A, 429A -- all rows and all seats

Section 425A -- Row 11 seats 22-33; Rows 12-18 seats 22-31; Rows 19-32 seats 22-33; Row 33 seats 22-36

Section 430A -- Row 11 seats 1-12; Rows 12-18 seats 3-12; Rows 19-33 seats 1-12

Fans who had tickets in any of those sections and rows should go to and enter the required ticket and other information. Fans should retain their tickets to help in the validation process.

The plan announced today is separate from the one announced on Tuesday by Commissioner Goodell to the approximately 400 fans that were denied a seat. Those 400 fans can choose one free ticket to next year’s Super Bowl game plus a cash payment of $2,400 or one free ticket to any Super Bowl game plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations provided by the NFL. In the event of a work stoppage that impacts next year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis, the fan would have a choice of one free ticket to the next Super Bowl.

NFL senior staff members so far have personally contacted 260 of the 400 fans to explain their options and how to confirm and fulfill their choice.

There were 13,000 temporary seats installed at Cowboys Stadium for Super Bowl XLV. The Arlington Fire Marshall inspected and cleared for use 11,740 of those seats.

Commissioner Goodell has initiated a complete review of the matter, including all seating and stadium entrance issues.

Michael J. Avenatti (the lawyer for the fans filing a class action lawsuit) talks about how he became the lawyer to represent the group, if he was unsatisfied when he heard what the NFL was trying to do to accommodate the upset fans, how many clients he has and how they arrived at $5 million being adequate for compensation, and if he has been able to figure out how something like this can happen: