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Ten Years, Ten Memories Of Super Bowl XXXV

Ray Lewis' Super Bowl 35 SI Cover
Ray Lewis' Super Bowl 35 SI Cover

PressBox Online did a great story last week on the ten year celebration of the Baltimore Ravens amazing win in Super Bowl 35. They list the ten most memorable moments of the victory, from the news of the day unrelated to the game, to the biggest plays of the 34-7 victory over the New York Giants.

Writer Joe Plantania reminisces about the game, plus puts in a few other things about the days surrounding the game, even regurgitating the infamous University of Maryland Terrapins' meltdown and subsequent loss to the Duke Blue Devils after leading by ten points with just a minute to go in the game the night before the Super Bowl.

Click on the link about to go to the full story and post your favorite memories about the game below.