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Fantasy Football Sleeper Of The Week

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With the winless Indianapolis Colts next up on the Baltimore Ravens schedule, one look at this game makes one think it should be a blowout, with a shutout even possible. But this is the National Football League where things seldom go as planned. Make no bones about it, the Ravens should win this game, but it might not go as easily as one might like, as least in the beginning. Remember the game against the one-win (at the time) Arizona Cardinals that took up until the game's final play for the Ravens to pull out the victory?

Most likely the Ravens have turned that page and will be able to score early and often, while making the Colts pay for every yard as revenge for all the butt-whippings Baltimore received over the years from Indianapolis. So which Ravens offensive player will prove to be offensive to the Indy defense that might not have been expected and be the Ravens fantasy football 'Sleeper of the Week?'

I've narrowed it down to two guys and will lean towards one of them. Tight end Ed Dickson has actually taken a supporting role behind the great play recently by Dennis Pitta. The Colts have been absolutely awful trying to cover tight ends this year. Last week the New England Patriots pair of tight ends caught 12 passes for 107 yards and two scores on the Colts defenders. The size of the Ravens tight ends will be match-up nightmares for the Indy defensive backs and their speed will leave linebackers in their wake if they try to cover that way.

On the outside, this game seems like the perfect time to see what progress WR Lee Evans has made in his return from injury. Already at a deficit trying to mark Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith, Evans should get single coverage against a possible rookie based on so many injuries in the Colts' secondary. Getting Evans back up to speed for the last few games and the playoffs would offer huge options for QB Joe Flacco and this game could be just what the doctor ordered for the Ravens, much less Evans' confidence.

So if you want to go with the sure thing, go for Ed Dickson (or Dennis Pitta), the two tight ends, or the speedy veteran WR Lee Evans, as the Ravens fantasy football 'Sleeper of the Week.'

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