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Drew Brees Sneaking Up On Unitas' TD Streak

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Baltimore Colts legendary QB Johnny Unitas
Baltimore Colts legendary QB Johnny Unitas

Over 50 years ago, Baltimore Colts legendary QB Johnny Unitas had his consecutive games touchdown streak stopped. Unitas had thrown at least one TD pass in 47 consecutive games. Over the past five decades, no one has come close to matching or topping this incredible record. Until now.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees threw three TD passes on Sunday night to give him 39 consecutive games with at least one TD pass. He is alone in second place chasing Unitas' record which has stood since it ended in 1960. The previous closest any other QB had gotten was Brett Favre (36) in 2004 and Dan Marino (30) in 1987.


New England Patriots QB Tom Brady also has an active streak going, with 28 consecutive games throwing at least one TD pass. However, For Brady to break Unitas' streak, he would have to do this in 20 more regular season games and with only four more remaining in the 2011 regular season and 16 games in 2012, it would be 2013 before that could happen.

If he continues his streak, Brees can tie Unitas in game four of the 2012 regular season and break it in game five. As well as the Saints QB is playing, it sure seems possible, but a lot of things must go right for it to continue and while Brees is one of the best QB's in the game right now, count this writer as one who prefers to see Johnny Unitas' name stand atop this record forever.