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Harbaugh On Ravens Fans: "The Loudest Of Anywhere We've Played"

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Ravens head coach John Harbaugh addresses the media (12/5/11)
Ravens head coach John Harbaugh addresses the media (12/5/11)

At Monday's press conference with Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, I had a chance to ask him what he thought when he looked up into the half-empty stands in Cleveland where the Ravens beat the Browns 24-10 and how much that made him appreciate what he sees every game in the stands at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium.

I got a bit more than I anticipated, as he gushed about how much he loves the city and the fans, although hesitant to broach the subject of comparisons. See my question with his response below and go to for the entire press conference transcript.

When you look in the stands at the game in Cleveland, you see stands that are half empty. How appreciative does that make you when you look at the stands in Baltimore? (Bruce Raffel) "See, now that would be a comparison, wouldn't it? (laughter) But I love Baltimore. I love our stadium. Our fans – we've said it many times – our fans are the best in the league. And so far they've been the loudest of anywhere we've played so far this year. We've got a big game on Sunday, and I'm sure we'll see the same thing. But, I'm really proud of our stadium and our fans. It's a great environment; by far the best fan experience – from my perspective sitting down there – of any stadium we've been in. But you know, we're probably biased a little bit, too."