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Monday Night Football; 'Open Thread'

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While no Baltimore Ravens in this game, much less any of the other teams in the AFC North, tonight's Monday Night Football contest is between two AFC teams. The 4-7 San Diego Chargers, losers of six in a row, visit the 3-8 Jacksonville Jaguars. The Chargers were considered AFC West favorites in the beginning of the season, but after a 4-1 start, they have cooled off considerably and are a loss away from pretty much ending any slim playoff hopes remaining.

The Jaguars already beat the heavily favored Ravens on Monday Night Football and have a solid defense, so there is no reason why they can't "upset" the favored Chargers in front of their home fans, to whom this is as close to a playoff game they will get to this season. The Ravens visit the Chargers in two weeks on Sunday Night Football, so Ravens fans should watch with interest and even root for the Jags to end the Chargers hopes and give them no reason to play hard when Baltimore travels to San Diego on December 18th.

So stick here and post your comments in this 'Open Thread' and join other Baltimore Beatdown fans to relish yesterday's victory, our stance atop of the AFC North and in the hunt for a home playoff game, a bye and perhaps even the top seed in the AFC.