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Is Jimmy Smith Ready To Start?

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While driving home from work today I was listening to 105.7 The Fan, as usual, and Rob Long of "The Bob and Rob Show" came out and said that Jimmy Smith should be starting over Cary Williams. He went on to say that Williams would be an above average nickel corner while he is average at best as our starting outside corner. Long then proclaimed Jimmy Smith as a play-maker and said we are a better team with two play-makers starting in our secondary and Williams coming in as the nickel.

Smith has already logged two interceptions in his limited time on the field for Baltimore. He is an imposing figure to receivers at the line of scrimmage as well. However, it seems that at least once a game Smith will make a mental error that results in a big play for the opposing team.

Williams has had his ups and downs this season but by no means does he deserve to be benched. He has had an admirable season for a guy that has never started before and has had to cover some of the best receivers in the game. So why mess with what has been working? Let Smith work himself on to the field gradually and maybe give him a shot as a starter next year, right? Wrong! According to some fans.. This is our Super Bowl run and we need the best 11 on the field at all times!

I think there must be ways to get all of our corners on the field in different packages and use each of them to their strengths. But everyone seems to hang on that word "starter" and people want to know who should be where when all the dust settles sooo.....

I figure what better way to get an over all fan response on this matter then by polling the Beatdown readers!
Tell us what you think!