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Ravens Lead 10-0: 2nd Half 'Open Thread'

The Baltimore Ravens lead the Cleveland Browns 10-0 at the end of the first half. The Ravens scored on a field goal with seconds left in the half after a interception and return by rookie CB Jimmy Smith. However, the game should not be nearly as close as it has been. Placekicker Billy Cundiff uncharacteristically missed two field goals and barely made his extra point attempt.

The weather has been awful, but while it might have been a good excuse for the first FG attempt, the second, much less the extra point that clanked off the upright but through shows that perhaps he is either not compensating or over-compensating for the poor conditions.

Of course, had the team been able to convert on third downs or scored touchdowns instead of settling for the field goals, this might not be the issue that it has apparently been. RB Ray Rice has ran around, through and over the Browns porous run defense, gaining 107 yards on 17 attempts in just the first 30 minutes. QB Joe Flacco is 7 of 14 for 102 yards. The Ravens lead the turnover battle 1-0, but what appeared to be a fumble recovery was ruled an incomplete pass despite seeming to be an obvious fumble.

Stick with Baltimore Beatdown for this 2nd half 'Open Thread' and come back after the game for a recap of what should be a runaway victory for the Ravens, although had the offense played bit better, the runaway could now be well in progress.