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Ravens @ Browns: Game-Time 'Open Thread'

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It's time for the Baltimore Ravens to prove to not only the league,but themselves as well, as their early losses to inferior teams on the road is a thing of the past. The Cleveland Browns fit that same bill but with the road to the playoffs clear for Baltimore, they know they have to hold serve against these lesser teams and adding an AFC North match-up against a hated rival should be enough to give them the needed motivation to play 60 minutes of solid football and leave Cleveland with a win.

Join Baltimore Beatdown in this game-time 'Open Thread' to post your comments and do everyone a favor by focusing on the game, not the difficult personalities of some of the Browns fans who visit us. In return, let's prove Baltimore Beatdown has some of the most knowledgeable and fair-minded fans, as we welcome in those who having other rooting interests and shower them with facts and stats that show that Baltimore is the class of the AFC as well as SB Nation.