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NFL Week 13 Early Games: 'Open Thread'

Since the Baltimore Ravens don't take on the Cleveland Browns until 4pm this afternoon, join with your fellow "Beatdowners" to root for the teams that will make the Ravens path to the playoffs a bit easier to navigate in this early games 'Open Thread.' Hope for the Cincinnati Bengals to upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in Heinz Field, the awful Washington Redskins to end the New York Jets' slim playoff hopes and the Houston Texans to drop behind the Ravens in the playoff race for the top seed.

I'd also add in to root for the Indianapolis Colts to go to Foxboro and upset the New England Patriots, but why waste your time as, "no Manning, no win."

Don't forget to stick with Baltimore Beatdown for a game-time 'Open Thread' when the Ravens prove those three losses to inferior teams were a fluke in the past as they put a beatdown on the Brownies!