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Happy New Year Ravens Fans!

Baltimore Ravens' City Skyline
Baltimore Ravens' City Skyline

A few hours from now will ring in the new year of 2012. This year has sped by and 2011 will shortly be a thing of the past. The past three seasons of NFL football has ended a bit early for most fans of the Baltimore Ravens. In 2008, their playoff run to the AFC Championship Game was a pleasant surprise and while they wanted to go to the Super Bowl instead of being knocked out by their rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the future was exciting and bright.

The 2009 saw Baltimore go on the road again in the post season but a loss to the hated Indianapolis Colts left a sour taste in their mouths. Last year, the 2010 season had a familiar ending with the same Steelers having the last laugh in a comeback victory that their fans shoved in our faces all through the off season.

Now the Ravens have a chance to exorcise those demons as we head into the New Year. Baltimore has already swept Pittsburgh but there is a decent chance that their paths may cross once again in these playoffs, although tomorrow will determine the exact location of where that chance meeting could occur. If the Ravens once again have their season ended by the Steelers, Baltimore fans will never hear the end of it, and to be honest, it would be deservedly so. However, if the Ravens can put a third beatdown on their bitter rivals, then the monkey would finally be off our backs and it would indeed prove to be the beginning of a very good year.