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Could Ray Lewis Have Played His Final Home Game?

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I really don't even want to think about it, but it certainly could end up being true. Like it or not, his great and guaranteed Pro Football Hall of Fame career is coming to a close. It might not be for another year, but it definitely could end up with this being his final season if things turn out the way he'd like. Ray Lewis said that if the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl, he would seriously consider it the crowning achievement of his career and go out on top and retire as a winner.

This could definitely happen this season, as the Ravens are headed to the playoffs for the fourth season in a row. Ray is not getting any younger and the multiple playoff appearances, much less the consecutive ones, should not be taken for granted, as so many other NFL teams will attest. In fact, the Ravens are the only team in the league that has made the post season the past four years in a row. The only team!

The possibility of Ray having played his final home game at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium come down to this: If the Ravens lose this Sunday at the Cincinnati Bengals, they will slip from the second or possible first overall playoff seed and at least one home game, down to the #5 Wild Card seed and have to go on the road in order to make and win Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis.

If they go on the tough road in the post season and win it all, Ray could retire and this past Sunday's victory over the Cleveland Browns will go into the record books as Lewis' last home game. As tough as it would be to see Ray hang up his cleats for good, it sure would feel good to send him out in such a fitting manner, as a Super Bowl champion.

If they win Sunday, then they will have at least one more playoff game here in Baltimore and if the Ravens go on to win the Super Bowl, last week would still have been his last regular season game. This still means that any remaining home game, be it regular season or playoffs, could end up being his final one in front of his adoring hometown team's fans. That's reason enough to go into your trash cans and pull out the tickets you casually trashed after Sunday's game!