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Ravens Monday Press Conference

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As usual after every game, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh addresses the media from the team's Owings Mills Practice Facility. Harbaugh gives an opening statement, which yesterday included asking if everyone had a nice Christmas and also gave a summary of the players who were injured in the game. He then took questions about the win over the Cleveland Browns as well as the one coming up at the Cincinnati Bengals.

Baltimore Beatdown was in attendance and had the opportunity to ask a couple of questions, one with a tongue-in-cheek reference to Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow:

Does Joe Flacco go over to guys and talk to them during the game like Tim Tebow does and say, "You're going to catch the game-winner"? (Bruce Raffel)

"You'd have to ask Joe if he does that. Joe is very positive. Joe is not a real... He doesn't get down on guys very much. But he wants them to catch the ball, that's for sure."

Any difference between the Cincinnati team you played a few weeks ago that you notice? (Bruce Raffel)

"They had a couple of guys hurt. I think they are a little bit better. They have improved, but (they're) not dramatically different."

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