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Saints-Falcons: Monday Night Football 'Open Thread'

Although of no consequence to the Baltimore Ravens playoff possibilities, tonight's Monday Night Football game with the New Orleans Saints hosting the Atlanta Falcons will certainly have a bearing on the NFC playoff seedings and pairings. The Saints are fighting for the #2 seed and a first round bye in the post season and the Falcons are fighting for a Wild Card spot and mathematically could still win the NFC South.

Currently, New Orleans holds the #3 seed but a win in their final two games combined with a San Francisco 49ers loss next weekend would give them the much more attractive #2 seed. Atlanta can win the NFC South with two wins and two Saints' losses, but that means they must go into "The Big Easy" tonight and beat New Orleans in front of their own fans.

A tough, but not impossible task, so watch closely, join in on this game-time 'Open Thread' to post your comments and perhaps we might be seeing a possible Super Bowl opponent for the Baltimore Ravens in this game!