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Sunday Night Football: Bears @ Packers 'Open Thread'

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It's sort of strange having Sunday afternoon with no NFL football all day. Thankfully, we get our fix this evening with the Green Bay Packers hosting the Chicago Beats on Sunday Night Football. An angry, frustrated and embarrassed Packers team should have little problem with the free-falling Bears, who once looked like a lock for the post season. Now, their only hope is for everyone else around them to falter like they did, which pretty much ain't happening.

They would need a miracle, starting with a win on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, which also ain't happening tonight. Stick with Baltimore Beatdown to post your thoughts on this game as well as the playoff race in the NFC. It might be interesting to follow the race for playoff seeding that will continue with Monday Night Football when the New Orleans Saints host the Atlanta Falcons.

For now, sit back and relish in the Ravens victory yesterday and look forward to a great week leading up to what should be a tough battle with the Cincinnati Bengals on New Year's Day. In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas and join the discussion tonight.