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Two-Round 2012 NFL Mock Draft

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The 2011 NFL season is far from over and already not only is there another 2012 NFL Mock Draft out there, it is a complete two-round draft. SB Nation's NFL Draft site, Mocking The Draft, has done a two-round draft, with names and narratives as to why the pick was made for each team.

What is interesting is their take on the final order of the draft, from who will get the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, to who will get the last pick of the first round. The 32nd and last pick is obviously the Super Bowl Champion and the 31st pick is made for the Super Bowl runner-up. Then the 29th and 30th picks are the teams that lost the Conference Championship Games in both the AFC and NFC.

Check out their draft order to see where they have the Baltimore Ravens selecting and who they have the Ravens taking in each of the first two rounds. For the most part, it seems like pretty logical picks in the entire two rounds, knowing the teams current needs and of course not taking into account any free agent signings much less any draft day trades.