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Ravens Harbaugh Reserved During Press Conference

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh at Monday's Press Conference (Dec. 19, 2011)
Ravens head coach John Harbaugh at Monday's Press Conference (Dec. 19, 2011)

The atmosphere in the Baltimore Ravens Monday afternoon press conference was a bit tense, as no one wanted to ask the question that would set off head coach John Harbaugh. What could the press ask him that would be enough to pass on the fan's frustrations to the team after they probably beat themselves up enough on the flight home after such an upsetting loss to the San Deigo Chargers?

The questions ranged from whether or not he would have called timeout at the end of the first half to give his team a chance to get the ball back one more time (he said yes), to whether he thought the return of Ray Lewis may have led to a letdown by his teammates (he said no).

Baltimore Beatdown was represented and due to what appeared to be a hesitation to ask the tough questions, asked a couple of our own:

They seemed to rush only four players most of the game, yet they had a lot of sacks. What was the breakdown in the blocking? (Bruce Raffel) "Well, there really was no breakdown in the blocking. It was really more of holding the ball. Joe [Flacco] didn't have a lot of places to go with the ball that were clear-cut to him. They did a really nice job of covering. It was mostly zone coverage the whole game, and they just executed it very well."

With this Saturday possibly being the last home game of the season, what type of effort does the team want to show to the fans to make sure that they're on track to go into Cincinnati the following week? (Bruce Raffel) "Well, I think the motivation is going to be, again, to play the very best that we can play. And our fans appreciate that. I think our fans appreciate how our guys have played at home, for sure, and the fans have been a big part of that. We get a lot of energy from our fans and our stadium, so that should be a boost for us. And hopefully, we can play well enough to get them energized."

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