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Misery Loves Company

Yeah, the Baltimore Ravens laid a huge egg on Sunday night in their 34-14 loss to the San Diego Chargers, but thanks to Ravens head coach John Harbaugh's brother Jim, they jumped back ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who lost last night to Jim's San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. As bad as the Ravens loss was, the Steelers loss made it a happy end to the football weekend for Ravens fans.

Besides, the term in the title of this story, Misery Loves Company, should be the summary of the weekend for a lot of the better teams in the NFL in week 15. Looking around the league, no less than ten playoff-caliber teams were on the losing end of their games, including the previously undefeated Green Bay Packers losing to the 5-8 Kansas City Chiefs.

In addition to the Ravens and Steelers, other playoff contenders who lost included the Houston Texans, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos in the AFC. Over in the NFC, the New York Giants and Chicago Bears joined the Packers in defeat.

The playoff picture is a bit muddled right now after the weekend, but while the Ravens no longer have control of their own fate with the top seed in the hands of the New England Patriots, they do have the ability to ensure they get a bye and at least one home playoff game in Baltimore. It could have been better with a win, but it certainly could have been worse. At least they had company and by now you know what they say about misery loving company!