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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Contest Update

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Snapdragon Stadium
Snapdragon Stadium

Last week we held a contest to guess the total points scored in the Sunday Night Football game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Diego Chargers. In recognition of the Chargers stadium being temporarily renamed Snapdragon Stadium, the sponsor of the contest was giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tablet to the contest winner.

Regardless of the score, the total points between the two teams would determine the winner and while no one came close to predicting the final score as it ended with the Chargers winning, there is currently four entries who correctly picked the 48 total points.

With the final score being 34-14 in favor of San Diego, the 48 points were picked by Baltimore Beatdown members Ampallang, shines, nswalls ad Sam25. These four members now have to wait until the Ravens host the Cleveland Browns with the point total from that game being the tie-breaker. Click on the link above to find the scores and their tie-breaking total for the Browns game and we will update the winner after the game on Christmas Eve.