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Ravens Injury Report & Game Status

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The Baltimore Ravens released their Friday Injury Report & Game Status for their Sunday afternoon (4:05pm) game at the Cleveland Browns. The good news is that Ray Lewis (foot) is only listed as questionable, which pretty much means we won't know his true status until closer to game-time when the "Inactive List" is released.

CB Chris Carr (back) is the only Ravens players listed as "out" and no one is listed as "doubtful," although there are a slew of players on the "probable" list, which usually means that they will more than likely play.

As far as the Cleveland Browns are concerned, LB Quinton Spears (hamstring) and DB T.J. Ward (foot/finger) are listed as out for the game, and while there are five players listed as questionable, both QB Colt McCoy (right elbow) and RB Peyton Hillis (hamstring) are on the "probable" list and expected to suit up and play.