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Monday Night Football 'Open Thread:' Go 49ers!!!

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Tonight's Monday Night Football game might be the most important game of the season for the Baltimore Ravens, and they're not even playing in it. After conceding the control of their own playoff fate, the Ravens must become fervent fans and root for the San Francisco 49ers to do tot he Pittsburgh Steelers what the San Diego Chargers did to them in the same state last night.

Join Baltimore Beatdown for this game-time 'Open Thread' to cheer SF onto victory and return the Ravens to the top of the AFC North and back into the #2 seed in the AFC playoffs. Post your comments and hope that, with or without Ben Roethlisberger, the 49ers defense can shut down the Steelers offense and Alex Smith and Frnak Gore can get the ball into the end zone enough to pull out the win.

Root for another Harbaugh to win a game this weekend and cover his brother's butt for a change. A loss by Pittsburgh virtually eliminates the bad taste of the Ravens loss while a Steelers win should prove that Pittsburgh, despite their two losses to the Ravens this season, have earned the right to wear the AFC North crown once again.

GO 49ERS!!!