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Ravens Trail Chargers 17-7: 2nd Half 'Open Thread'

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The Baltimore Ravens keep promising their fans that their past transgressions are behind them, but the more things change the more they stay the same. Once again, the Ravens go on the road to play a supposedly inferior team and find themselves unable to replicate their play at home and trail the San Diego Chargers 17-7 at the end of the first half.

Offensively, the Ravens have been able to move the ball with success. However, a play here and there that should have been executed is not and thus the difference in the game. Billy Cundiff misses what should have an easy field goal and the Chargers score a TD on their next possession. The Ravens respond with a score of their own but the Chargers drive down and their field goal kicker shows Cundiff how to do it and San Diego's back on top.

Joe Flacco misses an easy lob to Ry Rice, forcing the team to punt and once again, with time to throw, QB Philip Rivers chucks a long pass downfield and a few plays later they score another TD for the current margin. Without a pass rush, Rivers and his big, fast receivers will toast any secondary, including the Ravens. Hopefully, the second half will see the Ravens turn things around or the league will see the Ravens as a good team, but only in the friendly confines of their home field.

The key issue here, which has become a question since the first game of the season? Where in the world is Ed Reed