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Ravens vs. Chargers: Beatdown Writers Predictions

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Mr MaLoR

This will be a had fought game, but one where the Ravens win by double digits due to forcing San Diego into making mistakes and the Ravens making very few. The Chargers O-Line is maybe the most beat up group in the entire league, and they are going against the best pass rush out there right now. I fully expect McPhee, Redding and Kruger to be in Rivers' face all night long. The match up to watch will definitely be Suggs vs Gaither. Charger fans seem to be very satisfied with their new big man, but he has his hands full against a DPOY candidate in Suggs. If we get the pressure, I expect Ed Reed to be all over Rivers' deep passes (which Norv Turner loves to throw).

For the Offense, I doubt we see a ground and pound like we did Cleveland, or Joe passing it 40+ times. It will be a 50/50 balance which is something this offense thrives off of. Rice will put up 150+ total yards, and Joe passes for 245 with a 65 yard TD pass to Torrey Smith. From what I have heard, San Diego's starting corners are not that great against speed receivers. Antoine Cason has been beat all year long on the down field stuff, and we have just the players to take advantage of that.

Ravens 31 Chargers 20

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Ravens 31 Chargers 21. Torrey Smith goes for 120 yards and a touchdown. Ray Rice runs for 91 yards and adds 56 more through the air with two receiving touchdowns. Ravens win the turnover battle with an interception from Ed Reed and a forced fumble from Jarret Johnson. Call your bookie!


Ravens 37 – 31. I believe that because the conditions will be nearly perfect, combined with the Chargers offense peaking and the Ravens peaking as a whole, this will lead to an offensive shoot-out. I expect several lead changes, with Rivers mounting a furious fourth quarter comeback but falling short. The key is, San Diego is a finesse team while Baltimore is the most brutal team in the league. Brutality trumps finesse 90% of time. Sand Diego is ranked 24th in rush defense which means Rice should have a good day. Joe Flacco will also have a good day while spreading the wealth around, including Lee Evans who will make his presence felt really for the first time this season. Slightly obscure fact: John Harbaugh has never won five in a row. Sunday night he breaks through.