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Week 15 Early Games 'Open Thread'

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Since the Baltimore Ravens don't play until this evening on Sunday Night Football at the San Diego Chargers, join us in this early games 'Open Thread' to post your thoughts on the other games that could have a significant effect on the Ravens standing heading into the post season. Of course, none of these game will really matter if the Ravens take care of their own business and hold their fate in their own hands.

However, some of these games today could determine who, when and where the Ravens do end up in the playoff scheduling. So ease back the Lazy-Boy recliners, grab some of those salty, greasy and delicious chips and another in a long line of cold adult beverages, and post you thoughts and comments as you await what will be a playoff-clinching Ravens win later tonight.

GO RAVENS!!! (and Panthers, and Rams, and Eagles, and Broncos...and 49ers)