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Ravens @ Chargers: Game-Time 'Open Thread'

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The entire nation of NFL fans will be watching tonight as the Baltimore Ravens try to clinch a playoff spot while the host San Diego Chargers are clinging to their thin strand of playoff hopes in this prime-time match-up. Join Baltimore Beatdown fans in this game-time 'Open Thread' to post your comments and opinions throughout the game as you cheer the Ravens onto victory.

Come back after halftime for a 2nd half 'Open Thread' and then add your thoughts to the Game Recap immediately after the game's conclusion. A win by Baltimore and they are in the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year and a step closer to a first round playoff bye and perhaps the top seed in the AFC.

Although head coach John Harbaugh, QB Joe Flacco and RB Ray Rice have been in the playoffs since they came together in 2008, they have never played a post season game in front of their hometown fans. Baltimore has one of the best home records in the NFL over that stretch of time and a chance to play at M&T Bank Stadium could mean a possible AFC Championship Game here before they head off to Indianapolis to Super Bowl 46.

However, for now, let's focus on beating the Chargers. GO RAVENS!!!