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What Was Sam Hurd Thinking?

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The Chicago Bears released WR Sam Hurd yesterday. Normally this would not be earth-shattering news, as while Hurd had potential and showed flashes mostly when he was with the Dallas Cowboys, he only had eight catches for 109 yards and no touchdowns in 2011.

However, what makes this newsworthy is why Hurd was released and the news leading up to the Bears decision to immediately cut ties with him. Hurd was arrested earlier this week as part of a drug sting. Reportedly, Hurd was trying to buy drugs from an undercover agent, and not just for himself. The reports have stated that he was attempting to organize the regular purchase of 1,000 pounds of marijuana and 5-10 kilograms (2.2 pounds/kilo) of cocaine per week!

What must have a bunch of other NFL players shaking in their cleats is the additional report that upon his arrest, Hurd was found to have a list of NFL players whom he was allegedly supplying drugs to that is filled with names double-digits in length. Playing in the NFL is only a fantasy dream for most people, so what could have possibly been going on in Sam Hurd's mind when he thought about this insane scheme?

Now he is alone on an island, as the bears and the NFL will totally erase him from their world and he could spend the rest of his worthless life in a prison contemplating how he had the world by the you-know-what and now it has him in the same predicament.