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Fantasy Football "Sleepers Of The Week"

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By now, unlike me, if you are still alive in your fantasy football league's playoffs, the pickings should be slim in your free agent pool. Baltimore Ravens fans have seen the players who have stepped up week after week on this team and to consider anyone a "sleeper means you've either been living under a rock all season or you are just not a Ravens fan, which of course probably means you aren't even reading this.

The Ravens are playing the San Diego Charger on Sunday Night Football and the last time we were on prime time TV was Thanksgiving night, when TE Dennis Pitta only caught two passes all night, but one was on a crucial third down and the other an eight-yard TD pass to put the Ravens ahead for good in their 16-6 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

While all the talk Sunday night regarding tight ends will be on the Chargers Antonio Gates, and right so, as Gates is having a great season, Pitta should be a favorite target of his fellow fu-manchu'd QB, Joe Flacco. The two teammates are growing the 70's mustache's together and since they started, their team is on a four-game winning streak. If this is the Ravens secret weapon to winning, then I say everyone should grow one, including us fans. In the meantime, look for Flacco-to-Pitta as your fantasy football "Sleeper of the Week,"