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Will The Real Ravens Show Up Sunday?

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This season has been frustrating for Ravens fans. Baltimore has looked like the best team in the AFC on many occasions and then flat and lifeless on others. The Ravens started the season on the highest of notes with a dominant win over arch rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Then in week two they were unable to match the intensity of an emotionally charged Tennessee Titans team playing in their home opener.The Ravens lost 26-13.

Baltimore then went on the beat the Rams, Jets and Texans. The Ravens played inspired football against all three teams. The Jets and Texans games were particularly big games and both in Baltimore. The team then went on the road again to play floundering Jaguars on Sunday Night Football. Jacksonville came out aggressive and played Baltimore hard on national television and beat them in an ugly 12-7 game. The Ravens again faltered to an emotionally charged team on the road.

Baltimore then came home to play Cardinals and to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. The Ravens won both games in dramatic comeback fashion and Ravens fans figured the earlier loses were just flukes and now the team must be on track. The team then has to go back on the road and play the 2-6 Seahawks with Tarvaris Jackson at the helm. Baltimore is again unable to match the intensity of a team on the road and falls to the Seahawks 22-17.

Now here we are in week 15 and the Ravens have rattled off four impressive wins in a row. Three of the four were at home. the lonely road win being against the Cleveland Browns. Baltimore must now travel to San Diego and play the Chargers who have been on a role lately. Not only that but the game is once again on prime time. This team is facing exactly what has been their downfall this season. Big, emotional road games in prime time. The Chargers will be pumped up and ready to play as they must win out to even have a shot at the play-offs.

This game is huge. The Ravens must find a way to take the crowd out of the game early and get some momentum. They must win here if they want to play at home in the play-offs and get that first round bye. Which team will show up? The trend does not look good. I'm banking on this team having grown since the last disaster though.