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Ravens Face Off Against Familiar Faces.

The Baltimore Ravens will see a couple of familiar faces this Sunday night in San Diego. Two former Ravens are playing prominent roles for the San Diego Chargers this season. Antwan Barnes is the sack master for for Norv Turner's defense, he leads the team with seven sacks and two forced fumbles. Barnes learned much of what he knows about rushing the quarterback from Terrell Suggs here in Baltimore and has been a productive third down pass rushing specialist of late.

On the other side of the ball San Diego has been bit by the injury bug on the offensive line. Two weeks ago they signed the recently released Jared Gaither from Kansas City. Gaither was thrust into the starting left tackle role immediately and has played very well considering he has had little time with the team. At 6'9" 340 pounds Gaither has always been capable of playing at a high level. As many Ravens fans remember, his issue was with motivation and being prepared here in Baltimore.

It is very unlikely that Barnes or Gaither would have much inside information on Baltimores' plays or schemes as Gaither was probably asleep through any important meetings and Barnes is two years removed from the team. It is much more likely that the familiarity will work in the Ravens favor as the team has detailed scouting reports on each player. Gaither in particular is set to have a very tough day. Terrell Suggs, one of the NFL's true elite pass rushers, will most likely be in Jareds' grill for most of the night.

Barnes on the other hand will be handed the tough task of putting Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco on the ground. Without much help from the rest of the team, Baltimore should be able to isolate Antwan on obvious passing plays and keep him out of the back field.

This weeks prediction:

Ravens 31 Chargers 21. Torrey Smith goes for 120 yards and a touchdown. Ray Rice runs for 91 yards and adds 56 more through the air with two receiving touchdowns. Ravens win the turnover battle with an interception from Ed Reed and a forced fumble from Jarret Johnson. Call your bookies!