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Rice's Success Balances Flacco's

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Yesterday in this space we wrote about how Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco has "fueled" the team's recent four game winning streak. Noting that he has dropped the number of passing attempts in games the team has won as opposed to the three they lost, there has to be a "balancing" reason to even that out.

While Flacco is throwing the ball less and the team is winning, RB Ray Rice is getting the ball more and the same thing has resulted. Over the past four games, Rice has carried the ball 96 times for 470 yards and 4 TDs. He's added 16 receptions for an additional 123 yards to total almost 600 combined yards of offense. He is averaging almost 150 total yards a game during the team's four game winning streak.

Once again, the stats prove it out that whenever Rice gets at least 20 carries, the Ravens always win the game. The combination of less Flacco passes and more Rice rushes is a winning combination that needs to be the future recipe for success, just as it has been for the past four games.