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Ravens vs. Colts: Top 5 Defensive Plays

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Like the Baltimore Ravens win over the Cleveland Brown two weeks ago by the same score, their 24-10 victory over the Indianapolis Colts this week provided a look at what a completely dominating win should look like. While the score of the game could have been a lot worse for their opponents in both games, there was never any doubt that the Ravens would win each game, as they got ahead by enough points to just pound the ball on offense and continue to shut down the opponent with their defense.

As complete as the victory was, it is still relatively tough to point out what the top five defensive plays of the game were in the win, but let's give them a shot in order of how the game progressed.

1. The Ravens defense forced the Colts offense into three-and-outs on their first three possessions. This resulted in the Ravens scoring a touchdown, field goal and touchdown on their first three possessions to literally put the game out of reach early in the second quarter.

(See the other four defensive plays of the game after the 'Jump')

2. Not one single play, but a series of them, all by LB Terrell Suggs, who finished the game with five tackles, three sacks, three forced fumbles and two tackles-for-loss, resulting in nightmares that will haunt Colts QB Dan Orlovsky all week.

3. Bernard Pollard's interception at the Ravens 17-yard line of an Orlovsky pass in the fourth quarter as it appeared the Colts were driving for a possible score.

4. This might be a minor, irrelevant item in the stats, but the Special Teams tackle by David Reed on a punt return by the Colts might have been the best play by the beleaguered kick returner all season and after a couple of fumbles on kickoffs, this could actually go a long way to restoring not only his confidence, but the team's confidence in him.

5. Late in the fourth quarter, the Colts had a fourth-and-three from the Ravens three-yard line. Dan Orlovsky's pass was broken up by Ravens safety Bernard Pollard as the ball reverted t the Ravens. Indy scored on teir next possession on the final play of the game, but neither would have mattered in the outcome.