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Harbaugh Stays Mum On Webb's Status

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With the news breaking yesterday that Baltimore Ravens CB Lardarius Webb has a turf toe injury, similar to the ones that sidelined guard Ben Grubbs earlier this season and has caused LB Ray Lewis to miss the past four games, the media wanted to get a bit of information out of head coach John Harbaugh at his weekly press conference. However, Harbaugh had no intention of satisfying the media's hunger for confirmation of the rumor first reported by 105.7 The Fan Sports talk radio.

Harbaugh said that injury-wise, he expected everyone who played Sunday to be able to play next Sunday and when pressed about specifically Webb, he only replied, "Lardarius played last week."

I was able to ask two questions of Coach Harbaugh:

Is there a yard line that you would not have used Sam Koch on? (Bruce Raffel) "Are you talking about field goals? We were OK with Billy [Cundiff] on field goals. We had never thought about Sam yet. But if Billy were to go down? Sam can get out there further than people probably would think. We've had him in practice … I probably wouldn't want to say exactly [how far], but it depends on the conditions. You never know. He's capable of getting out there and hitting a field goal, not just an extra point."

Talk about the challenge of the big wide receivers that San Diego presents to your secondary? (Bruce Raffel) "Well, just look at their offense, you're right. And that's the big wide receivers, obviously, the quarterback, the big offensive line, the big tight ends, two of them that play really well [and] a game-breaking running back. This is one of the top offenses in football, leading offense on third-down conversions, scoring a bunch of points. [They are] as advertised. It's going to be a big challenge for us."

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