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Monday Night Football: 'Open Thread'

Try to stay awake at least until halftime in what might be the lowest viewership of any Monday Night Football game in TV history as the Seattle Seahawks (5-7) host the St. Louis Rams (2-10). The Rams are 1-5 on the road, but that shouldn't be misconstrued as a telltale sign, as they are also only 1-5 at home and while the Seahawks are 3-3 at home, they did beat the 10-3 Baltimore Ravens five weeks ago, which was the last game the Ravens have lost this season.

Enjoy a meaningless game, not only for the Ravens but for the most part with these two teams as well. However, they are plying for their individual jobs and of course draft position is a key thing at stake in this game. Look for Seattle to pretty much run Marshawn Lynch all night against the woeful St. Louis defense and win this game rather handily, although most in-division games are usually relatively tough regardless of the two team's records.

Hmmm, the new 'Fear Factor' is on TV at the same time....Enjoy!