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Ravens Recap & Sunday Night Football 'Open Thread'

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Use this space to post your comments on the Baltimore Ravens 24-10 beating administered to the Indianapolis Colts this afternoon and also as an 'Open Thread' for the Sunday Night Football game when the Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants.

The Ravens remain on top of the AFC North and are still in the hunt for the top seed in the playoffs along with the New England Patriots and Houston Texans, all 10-3 after winning today as well. The Cowboys and Giants are fighting for the top spot in the NFC East and this should be a decent game tonight as Dallas is favored although I have picked New York to win the game.

Recapping the Ravens game will commence tomorrow, but had the Ravens converted their fourth-and-one and not thrown an interception, the score could have and should have been a lot worse for the Colts.Combine those two missed opportunities along with not letting Indy score on the game's last play and we could have easily seen a 34-3 victory.

After getting spanked so many times by the Colts over the past ten Peyton Manning-led seasons, it would have been even sweeter to see them go home on the real short end of the final score than just 24-10. Relish the win and enjoy the SNF game!