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The Man Without A Team

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Ed Edwards with his Baltimore Colts-inspired golf cart
Ed Edwards with his Baltimore Colts-inspired golf cart

Football seasons come and go, but Ed Edwards can't forgive the loss of his beloved Baltimore Colts. A story on Ed Edwards by Paul Glaviano details Edwards' love of what was his hometown team, only to be secreted out of the city and simultaneously ripped out of his heart. Ed now lives in Florida, but his love of his former team has not left him. Driving around a golf cart emblazoned with the Baltimore Colts colors and logo, he is a bit conspicuous in his love of the old Colts.

His son continues to live in Baltimore and is a Ravens fan, but despite receiving Ravens shirts and jerseys in the mail from his son, Edwards still cannot bear the thought of wearing another team's uniform, even if it is a Baltimore team. His Colts memorabilia includes not only the cart but every book that has ever been written about the Baltimore Colts, and a cancelled check from the late Johnny Unitas (he knew a guy at the bank).

Edwards owns a copy of the radio recording of the Colts NFL Championship victory over the New York Giants in 1958, retreating to his garage to listen to it once in a while and loving the announcer's repetitive phrase of "Unitas to Berry" over and over to his delight. He says if Robert Irsay had left the name, logo and colors in Baltimore when he snuck out of town in 1984, he might be more able to cheer for the current Baltimore team, but for Ed Edwards, it is and will always be the Baltimore Colts...or nothing.