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Baltimore Ravens Vs. Cleveland Browns: Five Key Defensive Match Ups.

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1.) Terrell Suggs vs. Joe Thomas

Suggs in in the running for AFC defensive player of the year. He leads the sack happy Ravens with 9 sacks. Thomas is, perhaps the best Tackle in the NFL. This will be a fun match up to watch. I'm sure Chuck Pagano will find ways to move Suggs around to exploit some of their weaker linemen as well but when these two monsters meet... It's gonna get ugly!

Advantage: Even

2.) Jameel McClain vs. Peyton Hillis

Hillis Gashed the Ravens for over 140 yards in their first meeting last year. Then, in their second meeting, the Ravens held Hillis to under 40 yards. Ray Lewis was quoted as saying "Even a blind cat finds a meal sometimes" in reference to their first meeting with Hillis. I'm sure Peyton has not forgotten that. Baltimores' defense has been very stout against the run as usual and Cleveland can not win this game with out a strong showing from Hillis. Somethings gotta give. Hillis is coming off an injury and has only played in one game prior to this one in a few weeks and may not be at full strength. I think McClain and his fellow linebackers come out on top in this one.

Advantage: McClain

3.) Billy Cundiff & Sam Koch vs. Josh Cribbs

Josh Cribbs is almost as essential as Peyton Hillis is for the Browns to succeed. He will need to set up good field position with his kick and punt returns for Colt McCoy and the Cleveland offense against this dominant Ravens defense. If Cundiff can kick the ball out of the end zone consistently and limit Cribbs' touches the Ravens can make the Browns go 80 yards every time they need to score or hold them to field goals. Koch will need to angle his punts to the sidelines to keep Cribbs to only half the field and allow the Ravens special teams players to box him in against the line. If he kicks to him at all...

Advantage: Cribbs

4.) Cary Williams vs. Greg Little

Williams has spent his first year as a starter covering the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Wallace, Kenny Britt and all the number ones of the teams the Ravens have faced. Talk about being thrown straight to the wolves. he has gotten beaten from time to time but he has played well for the most part. Especially considering he had no training camp and barely a preseason. Little has all the makings of a top tier receiver in the NFL. He is big, fast and runs good routes. Unfortunately he seems to have a case of the dropsies so until he fixes that I give the edge to Williams.

Advantage: Williams

5.) Bernard Pollard vs.Colt McCoy

Pollard has been an excellent Blitzer for the Ravens this year and he will surely be bringing it on Sunday. McCoy will need to mix up his snap counts to throw off the crafty Veteran. Colt will also need to correctly position his running back to chip Pollard on obvious passing downs.McCoy is young and Pollard is a seasoned Veteran. I think he will be able to get into the quarterbacks' head this week.

Advantage: Pollard