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Some Cleveland Fans Believe Browns Will Beat Ravens

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Shocking, isn't it? Yes, there are actually some fans of the Cleveland Browns that actually believe their team will beat the Baltimore Ravens when the two teams face off near the former "Mistake By The Lake." In a poll on, a majority of voters pick the 8-3 Ravens to beat the 4-7 Browns, with over a third (36%) of them saying by at least two touchdowns.

Overall, around 84% over voters see the Ravens winning the game, but it's the other 16% of voters who actually believe their Browns can win this game, most of them by less than a touchdown. However, there are those few die-hard and blindly loyal Browns fans (3.5%) who can see Cleveland winning by at least ten points.

Of course, based on the Ravens three disappointing losses by the Ravens on the road in 2011 to teams the were expected to handily beat, I guess it's not so unexpected for the fans of another team that fits that bill to think they could just be another in that same vein. Something tells me the Ravens have learned their lesson on this trend and won't let it happen a fourth time. Of course, we all thought the same thing after the second loss, and we all know what happened next.