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NFL Network's Sound FX: Ravens vs. 49ers

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By now, many fans of the Baltimore Ravens have already seen the NFL Network Special, Sound FX, on the Thanksgiving Night Football game with the San Francisco 49ers. Players on both teams, as well as coaches and the referees, were all miked up for the game and you can see how the game unfolded from their perspective, with little or no commentary from the announcers.

It's a fascinating view of the game as opposed from what us fans have usually experienced. The perfect players were featured, including Terrell Suggs, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco and head coach John Harbaugh. For the 49ers, they had microphones on QB Alex Smith, ILB Patrick Willis and head coach Jim Harbaugh.

The on-the-field banter between players, trash talking or just joking around during lulls in the action, as well as the sheer sounds of the physicality of the game's hits, puts the fans on the field, along the sidelines and in the huddle like never before. The video is over 44 minutes long, but once you start it, you will find it tough to turn it off until it is over, as it is as enjoyable as the game itself, especially since the Ravens won 16-6.