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Torrey Smith Shows Potential.

Watching Torrey Smith every week one thing has become apparent, he can get open deep on anyone. Torrey has the speed to be an elite receiver in the National Football League. In the Pittsburgh Steelers game, on a drive where everyone knew we had to get the ball deep into the end zone, Smith was able to get behind the defense on several occasions. When he is able to get behind a corner, with his speed, there is no chance to defend him.

The six foot one inch 205 pound receiver out of Maryland has shown he is capable of running a variety of routs at the NFL level. This was a topic of much debate when he was drafted. Many draft analysts said Smith lacked the sure hands and route running ability to perform at an NFL level. Torrey is by no means a polished NFL receiver but he has shown the ability that caused him to be a second round pick.

Smith was drafted 58th over all by the Baltimore Ravens in hopes that he would become the deep threat the team has been missing for so long. The team then traded for Lee Evans during training camp leading many to believe Torrey was not ready yet. Evans has been inactive since week two of this season and his absence has given Smith a chance to play on the first team and compete for a starting role. In week three Smith hauled in five passes for 152 yards and three touchdowns and for many a star was born. Others argued that Smith was only able to put up such numbers because of an inferior opponent. Either way Smith had solidified himself as the Ravens number two receiver behind Anquan Boldin.

Torrey Smith is a rookie. A rookie that missed almost the entire off season due to the labor disputes and subsequent lock out. He can not be expected to come in and blow the doors off of everyone. However, he is starting to do just that. He may not catch every pass right now but if he continues to get open he will continue to get the ball thrown his way.

As Torrey grows into his body and keeps working in the weight room he will become more of a threat on the field. Even now defensive backs have to push and hold him to keep him from burning them. It has to be crazy being thrown into this situation as a starter on a team expected to be great after playing at Maryland. Once he gets comfortable and works on his technique in the off season with the Ravens trainers he has the potential to be a dominant player at his position. Ravens fans have a lot to look forward to with this one!