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NFL Mid-Season Predictions

With the 2011 NFL season just passing its halfway point, SB Nation took a look at the current standings and predicted the division winners, the Wild Card teams and the winners of all the post season match-ups including the 2012 Super Bowl. There is good news, then bad news and then more good news for fans of the Baltimore Ravens in SB Nation's predictions.

First the initial good news. They see the Ravens making the playoffs again, the fourth consecutive  time in the tenures of head coach John Harbaugh, QB Joe Flacco and RB Ray Rice. The bad news is that they pick the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the AFC North, meaning the Ravens will make the post season once again as a Wild Card. 

The final bit of good news is that they have Baltimore breezing through the playoffs to win the AFC Championship Game and earn a trip to the Super Bowl, where they will face.....

(Check out the story by clicking on the link above to see who the Ravens play and what happens...)