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A Roller Coaster Of Emotions!! Baltimore Ravens Win 23-20!!

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For about 58 minutes it was a very familiar story  tonight in Pittsburgh. The Baltimore Ravens had played an excellent game against their bitter rivals and had inexplicably given away the lead once again to the Pittsburgh Steelers. With a prevent offense and untimely turnovers in key situations, Baltimore was giving away the division lead. Not only that, but they looked like the better team once again.

After investing hope and emotion into a game it is hard to watch people you love throw it all away and we as fans can sometimes find it hard to watch. I walked to my bedroom with about two minutes left on the clock to start a story on what had unfolded in the last quarter.

I was in the midst of a story on the ineptitude of the Ravens offense in clutch situations when my wife started yelling for me to pay attention to the television. I was about four paragraphs full of sarcastic back handed compliments into my Ravens-Steelers recap when I saw the damnedest thing happening, Joe Flacco was leading the Ravens on a game winning touchdown drive in a meaningful game.

I sat and  I watched Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin drop the ball on consecutive passes and shook my head in disgust as I told my wife "this is an all to familiar story". I stood to walk back to our bedroom to finish my article, to be titled "A Familiar Story", and the strangest thing happened. Joe Flacco dropped back and lofted a ball into the end zone and Torrey Smith caught it. I stood there looking at the television confused for a bit as if my brain could not understand what my eyes had just seen! We won the game...I was in shock!

The Ravens gave us all a lot to think about once again but they did the only thing that matters in the end. They won! I've watched the Ravens make the Steelers look bad for most of the game and then get beat in the end but I've not seen it from this side in an as anticipated game as this!

Cam Cameron tried to start running out the clock with over eight minutes left in the fourth quarter with only a three point lead, in Pittsburgh!!  Joe Flacco had once again coughed up the ball on a third and long in exactly the wrong time. If we had played to win we should not have been in that situation in the first place. Things had gone just how I feared they would. Ben Roethlisberger had even capped off the drive resulting from the turn over with a touchdown. But we got the ball back and we made it count! Joe delivered in the clutch and orchestrated his second game winning drive in two weeks. 

Terrell Suggs' interception and Joe Flacco to Torrey Smith in the last seconds of the game will stick with me for a long time! I am so glad I got to erase that story and wright this one instead! Go to bed and rest well Ravens fans, it's going to be a great week.