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Ravens Lead Steelers 9-6: 2nd Half 'Open Thread'

Stay with Baltimore Beatdown for the final 30 minutes as we watch to see if the Baltimore Ravens can beat both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL referees. To be fair, the zebras have been pretty inconsistent on both sides as they blow the whistle too soon on us yet call a helmet-to-helmet hit on them.

The Ravens almost refuse to adjust during the game and their lack of a sense of urgency on that final drive, while ending in a long Billy Cundiff field goal, is apparent and unchanged from week-to-week. Speaking of Cundiff, he finally hits a field goal over 50 yards, yet missed his first one under that distance this season.

The Ravens need to score TDs and should have had at least one so far, and could easily be winning this game by ten points. Will those missed opportunities make a difference or can they hold up for the final two quarters and sweep this season series and take over control of the AFC North?

Stick with us, post your comments, but please keep the personal comments or flagrant fouls, out of the site. Thanks!