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NFL Week 9 Early Games: 'Open Thread'

Since the Baltimore Ravens are not playing until 8:20 this evening at the Pittsburgh Steelers, check out all the early games and post your comments here with other Baltimore Beatdown fans for the other games of the day on this 'Open Thread.' If you live in the Baltimore are, the 1pm games are the New York Jets at the Buffalo Bills, a game that could have playoff implications not only for these two teams, but for the Ravens as well.

The other locally televised game is the San Francisco 49ers at the Washington Redskins and although no playoff implications for the Ravens, you can see what Baltimore will be facing when the 49ers come here on Thanksgiving night. At 4pm, you can watch the New York Giants at the New England Patriots and root for the Giants to send the Pats to their second loss in a row.

Of course, if you have the NFL Red Zone channel, you can see every touchdown from every game, live as it happens. The again, if you have the Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket, your address and we will all be over and bring the beer and chips!