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Get Psyched For Ravens-Steelers Rivalry (VIDEO)

"Steelers Week" as it is known around Baltimore, just like it is known as "Ravens Week" in Pittsburgh. Whatever you want to call it, most people look at it as the best two games of the season in the NFL. Regardless of what the rest of the league is doing, everyone, including the players, coaches and true football fans know this is as good as it gets. One thing is for sure, you can always count on this game being an all-out war on the field and a chess match on the sidelines.

The game is schedule to start in a little over two hours and while the sixty minutes of play will determine the winner, it is just one more battle in what has become the war between the two teams, cities and fan-bases. One team will go home happy with bragging rights until they meet again, perhaps even in the 2012 playoffs for what would be the third time in four years. Stop back at game-time for an 'Open Thread' to post your thoughts and comments along with other fans.

In the meantime, get psyched up by checking out Baltimore Ravens Sr. VP, Public & Community Relations, Kevin Byrne's "The Byrne Identity" column at It has perhaps as good of a video on this rivalry as you will ever see. It is an eight-minute take on what has joined these two teams at the hip in terms of becoming mirror-images of each other, the bitter rivalry and mutual respect. Enjoy and get psyched!