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ESPN Hot Button Topic: Is Flacco Elite?

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The debate just will never go away as long as the Baltimore Ravens keep coming close to raising the Super Bowl's Lombardi Trophy yet falling just short. As long as QB Joe Flacco puts up big numbers one week and bottoms out the next, his inconsistency cannot be overlooked.

ESPN put up a story on their "Hot Button" topic titled, "Is Flacco Elite?" The debate is between John Clayton and Ashley Fox (who?). The Professor, as Clayton is called, takes the side of yes, Joe Flacco is an elite QB despite his recent struggles. This Fox character says Flacco is good, even very good, but his inconsistency that has him "all over the map" makes him not in that group of quarterbacks that can be called "elite"

Another great game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday night, similar to the one he had in the season opener, when he threw for three TD's, would go a long way to proving he can win the big games with solid numbers, perhaps turning the tide in the debate from the undecided to the "yes" side in the question of "Is Joe Flacco an elite QB?"